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Credit Card Guy is a fast growing payment processing provider here in the US. By providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to merchants who need to accept non-cash payments for their goods and services, we have quickly become a front-runner in the Merchant Services industry.  We have been providing merchants with processing services for over thirty-five years.  Because of the long-term relationships we have established with our vendors we have the ability to stand toe-to-toe against the largest banks and merchant service providers in the industry with pricing.  We know that pricing is not everything as Customer Service must surpass the customer’s expectations.  We have been surpassing customers expectations for over thirty-five years.  We combine wholesale pricing with anything but “wholesale” service to create a long-term relationship you will feel comfortable being a part of. 





Credit Card Guy is a one stop shop for all of your non-cash payment needs.  We service any and all business types that have a need for non-cash payments.  With over thirty-five years of experience we put together programs that you will be comfortable staying with long-term.  Our product offering allows us to fit into your “box”.  The efficiency of your business is top priority to us.  We want to earn your business. Once we have your business, we work to make it a lifetime relationship without a lifetime contract. Once you've experienced our services,  you'll value the service and products we offer. 

 We have the ability to be very competitive with the largest banks and merchant service providers in the industry.

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